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Health and Fitness Talk with Nurse Te

The Health and Fitness Talk Show with Nurse Te will explore topics that are vital for overall health and wellness to help promote individuals to live their best life now. Drumeka Rollerson BSN RN,”Nurse Te” is nurse with over 12 years of trusted experience.

Taco Grady with Uninterrupted Praise

Death, divorce, disabled, distractions and destructions; I’ve been through it all but I came out. God was definitely my saving grace through all that I endured. My purpose is to encourage others to stop and have an uninterrupted praise break.

Roll Call with the Colonel

PTSD in Military Veterans:: Symptoms, treatments, and self-help. This show focuses on post-traumatic stress disorder of our military veterans, symptoms, treatments and self-help.

Beyond the Lipstick with Barbara J. Kinney

Beyond the Lipstick focuses on Women's Health and Women's Issues. Tune in as Barbara J. Kinney explores topics that affect women and their everyday lives, from health issues, parenting, beauty, social life, dating, sexual health, diet, exercise, marriage, and more.

Faith & Facts with Dr. Jo

This show is to be of encouragement to the Christian believer and to provide various information regarding health facts concerning primarily the African American community.

TMI For Your Health

Mental Illness…Addiction…Homelessness… Let’s bring these issues out of the darkness and into the light. Join me as we discuss causes, implications, and solutions.

Transitioning with Nurse Louis

This show provides a platform to prepare and empower military members, their spouses, families and friends as they transition from soldier to veteran and connecting them with the proper resources.

Matters of the Mind with Nurse Venus Miller

401 H Plan